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Welcome to Beyond Magazine's frontpage. We are an online magazine specialised in Information Technologies! Here you will find reviews of the latest releases in the market of phones, tablets and Personal Computers! Catch up with the newest of the newest. We are constantly updating our webpage with new articles and features about companies, products and fashion trends.

Search our site to find lots and lots of information clearly displayed in our easy-to-use digital interface. All content is sorted in categories and organized for your greatest commodity. Jump-click from one spot to another and have endless fun with our exclusive contents!

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Our team is constantly searching for news in the world of communication. We are experts in our field and we know how to get information fast and publish it fast. Say goodbye to those days when you used to hear the latest releases from your friends or co-workers or even see them in their hands before you even hear of their existence. Now, be that one. Tell everybody about the news. Make comments sooner than anyone. Or even better! Show up one day and be the cool guy or girl with the cool tablet or the cool phone on your hand.

Know the best. Have the best.

With all of those -almost daily- releases in the market, you always see yourself surrounded by possibilities. There are so many phones to choose! So many tablets to buy! So many computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks! How can you handle all of those options? How do you know what phone is the best? How can you tell which tablet is better for what you want? 

Easy. You will find it out right here!

Browse, browse, browse.

There is a lot of information here. Like, a whole lot of it. We know about ITs and we love ITs. We will tell you everything we know. Our articles are written in common language, so everybody can understand, but at the same time they have the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Our reviewers will make eveything clear to you. Every article has plenty of images of the products that we are reviewing. You just won't believe how much is out there to see and to learn about. Well, this is a great place to start. See everthing, learn everything. It's easy! It's fun!

Ask, ask, ask

Even this whole lot of info is not enough for you? All right, it could happen. Well, as TV spots go: wait, there's more! Our contact team is avaiable for custom enquiries about anything regarding this site and the products with which we work. You got a form right here, in this very webpage. Fill it out, complete your basic contact data, and we will get in contact with you in the blink of an eye. Well, maybe not just one blink, that's like, really short time. Maybe two or three. The contact guy could be distracted or something.

Try it out! You won't be dissapointed! Rember: learning is useful, and it is also fun!

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Happy Clients

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"Beyond Magazine is a great, complete and reliabla page for phone reviews. I love that it makes me understand about which products are in the market and what they're all like. Easier than ever."
Bernardette Truman

Happy Clients

"It was kind of a drag to suscribe to all of these blogs and sites just to see every once in a while an interesting review. Now it's all gone. There is nothing in Beyond Magazine that is uninteresting or useless."
Thomas Watts