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Best telephone systems for your call centre

Managing a call centre efficiently

An outsourced call centre may seem to be a difficult business to manage. However, if it is backed with the right supportive management and appropriate systems in place, managing an off-shore call centre efficiently and effectively can be absolutely possible. In order to manage your call centre in the most productive and optimal manner, you will need to ensure that you follow the following basic steps. While you can always learn the basics by watching some good videos and reading some good books, these steps can help you get a good start.

1. Make sure that you choose the right people – have an organized staff:

It is extremely important that you choose the right staff for your call centre. This becomes even more important if you are working with an off shore call centre. In such a situation, you have to be entirely dependent on the performance of your staff for the efficient operation of your call centre. In most cases, your customers deal with your call centre agents and these agents are their first point of contact. In order to leave the right impression about your business you have to make sure that your agents reflect the right attitude of your business. Having your managers at the off shore call centre who can train the staff will be a good strategy.

2. Focus on substantial training:

When hiring representatives for your call centre, you should definitely go by their experience in handling customer calls and addressing to their issues. However, this is not the only criteria that will define if these people will perform the right job for you. You need to focus on in-depth and substantial training for these representatives. The training will include not just customer call etiquettes but also in-detail training on the operations of your business, products and services, etc. so that the agents are capable of handling customer issues and giving them satisfactory responses.

3. Quality infrastructure – the right systems:

The most important reason for opting for an offshore call centre is the amount of cost saving that result from the venture. The cost savings are quite evident and particularly when you are looking at it from the infrastructure point of view. The most important thing that will make or break your call centre is the telephone system that you opt for. When looking for call center solutions, you will have to deal with a lot of aspects to decide on the best telephone system for your call centre.

Choosing the best business phone system

As mentioned above, for a call centre to be efficient, the most important point of consideration is going to be the business phone system that you will choose. While you can always check office telephone system reviews and make your pick, looking at the below listed factors will ensure that you don't go wrong with your choice.

In most cases, the call volume is the primary deciding factor for choosing your business phone system. You can choose or start with a small system if you have considerably few calls to accommodate and gradually upgrade to an enterprise wide system that can accommodate thousands of calls. No matter what system you choose, you have to be sure that it has the vital features that are important for your call centre's everyday operations.

a. Get the basics right: There are some really basic features that almost all phone systems need to have no matter the volume of calls being handled. You can look for some start up help to understand what basic features you are looking for. Here are some of these basic features and how they work –

·         Voice mail: Most businesses require their phones to have an option that allows the callers to leave a recorded message when the call goes unanswered. This option is extremely significant for those businesses that do not operate round the clock.

·         Music on hold: When your agent places a caller on hold to understand and resolve his issue, it becomes easier for the person to wait if he listens to some good music. This could be either some good music or the advertising jingle of the business.

Voice mail, music on hold, conference calls and auto attendant are perhaps the most common basic features. Ensure that the phone system you choose has these basics working perfectly well.

b. Advanced features:  For bigger businesses, the basic features won't just suffice. For instance, a huge call centre with several thousands of agents will require an automated call distribution (ACD) feature that helps in automatically distributing customer calls on a toll-free number among the available agents. Look for your business requirements and check for availability of advanced features accordingly.




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