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The best telephone directory UK

The best Telephone Directory UK

Just like humans need food for survival, similarly a business requires constant orders in order to keep running. How do businesses get new order? What is the key to finding new customers? MARKETING! Yes promoting and marketing a business in the right manner is the key to making a business successful. Your business will do better only if it is marketed well and gets the required recognition in the market.

Marketing is often an aspect which most of the businesses do not put sufficient focus and emphasis on which in the end is not beneficial for the company. A well marketed business is quiet futuristic and does better financially in longer terms.

Marketing ideas for businesses

When it comes to marketing, there are numerous marketing ideas which can be applied to your business. Some are cheaper than others but the best part is that nearly all of them deliver well. One of the most orthodox yet best ways is calling up your potential customers and offering them your products or services. This is also commonly known as cold calling. Cold calling is a cheap source of marketing which just requires a dedicated caller with good communication skills. Generally females are preferred for making cold calls to customers to seize in deals over the phone itself.

Equipments required for Cold Calling

Cold calling can be done with minimum equipments as follows:



Database of phone numbers

It requires merely a telephone connection or even a mobile phone for making calls to the customers. Though, some specialized telephones come where one can save cold calling status and also set reminders for calling the interested customers again.   Now this the most crucial and essential step for cold calling. Phone numbers of people you think are your potential customers come under the database. This database can be targeted or non-targeted as per your requirement or the product or service that you are offering. Now the question is where do we get such database or record of phone numbers from?

There are many ways of building a database with phone numbers. One can acquire it themselves through various methods like running contests, surveys, quizzies etc or even buy it from someone who has an already existing database. The database can be targeted or non-targeted. For example, a database of those people owning and running a business in your city is a targeted database as compared to random phone numbers.

Usually businesses collect phone data themselves or simply buy it from others who offer it for an amount. But the reliability of the database and whether the leads provided by it will really get converted into sales is actually unknown. So there is a risk factor involved in buying a database of phone numbers. In addition, there are many websites which offer UK telephone directory and databases online. Some of them are free while others may charge a little amount for targeted databases.

How can online directories help

There are a few online business classified directories in UK which can offer ample information regarding other businesses. These businesses can be your potential business and all you need is to devote a little time in extracting this information., Yelp and Yellow Pages are great sources for extracting vital information including telephone numbers. So this way they are one of the best open telephone directories in UK that you can find online.

Apart from that, some other websites where one can come across UK telephone numbers for cold calling include:

• offers you to search for businesses and person in UK with their names and location. This offers a great way to get phone numbers of people who you know by name but not personally.

• is an online telephone directory which offers tons of phone numbers. You can call on these numbers through their medium at just 5p per minute. 

• is another service like the phone book. It can also be used for finding people and their phone number based on their location. A great feature of this service is that you can look for a maximum of ten people in one day without any charges. However, if you would like to conduct more searches, you will have to pay a fee to gain full access to the directory.

Cold calling, if done properly, can actually become a major activity for dragging in business. If you haven’t adopted it yet as your marketing strategy then it is never too late. Get your hands on a good database and start dialing up to your potential customers today!


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